Past Life Transits + Venus Retrograde in my 12th House

"jupiter in virgo"If there is something you wanted and didn’t get in this lifetime, then you can go there in your dreams. Read your Akashic.  It’s possible you’ve had these experiences before, in past lives — thus they have such a hold on you. These are memories. You can visit these lives any time. Also, you are still you so that’s also why it’s hard. Let’s say you were a mother in your most recent past life and long for a child now, unable to manifest a family, for whatever reason. I know it’s not the same but you can, at least spiritually, be part of who you once were. Make sense? It will make you feel less lonely. In part.

This happened to me tonight in my meditation class.

Venus is retrograde now in my 12th House and the 12th House rules past lives and the collective unconscious and the Akashic Records. Jupiter is leaving this house of mine as it heads to Virgo and I realize I pretty much spent the entire Jupiter in Leo year immersed in past life stuff.

But you don’t have to have a 12th House transit to feel this.
Venus Retrograde in and of itself is a past life transit.

My meditation class took me there but you don’t need to do anything special other than be aware of this transit and that you’d like to journey back in time.

Are you experiencing this too? 

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