Pass The Xanax, It’s Mars Pluto Time!

"mars conjunct pluto"Well, actually, it’s Mars Uranus time. Mars will square Uranus first. AND THEN conjunct Pluto. But I feel this stressful configuration is active now, as it applies, builds. I feel it. Folks in the room report that they feel it too, especially the ones with cardinal planets in the low degrees!

Truth: I have THREE, yes three, xanax in my possession. I have a blood/needle phobia and when I went to get my blood drawn, last month, I was planning to take half a xanax (yes, the doc gave it to me) so that I could go through with it. A friend came with me and I never took it. So I do have these pills still. Somewhere. I have a Virgo Moon though. I don’t like altered states and if you, like me, also do not like altered states, then my advice is this: SLEEP MORE. Because lack of sleep this week and next will make these transits feel worse, will make you feel like a crazy person. You really don’t want a cardinal tsquare or grand cross up your ass. Or maybe you do. And if you do, well, enjoy! Because the planetary energy is supporting you now! 😉

And you? 



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