Part Two! Set Your Intentions On Fire For The New Moon In Aries

"new moon in aries"

Thursday’s New Moon brings us a Uranus party as the Sun, Moon, and Mercury retrograde all hover around the planet that rules lawlessness, metaphysics, and the unexpected.

It’s a lot of hot and fast Aries energy in one place and with Uranus involved? You Aquarians will be lit up like Christmas trees!

You know I love the keywords and here are some more for Uranus: aberration, abrupt, agitation, accidents, aliens, wild animals, strangeness, strangers, zealots!

Will you meet some freaks this New Moon? Maybe. Will you go for a drive (Mercury) with them? Maybe.

The biggest key of course to the meaning of this Aries action for you is what it’s up to in your chart — early Aries and for me it’s cuspy – end of 7th, beginning of 8th and my natal Uranus is involved, a long mid-life transit getting jostled by this lunation.

You may feel (Moon) jangly (Aquarius) or psychic (Aquarius) or hot and bothered (Aries) and my advice is to ha! expect the unexpected and with Mercury on call I want to say that if you suffer from a disruption around New Moon time, then go for a walk, release the energy through gentle movement – Uranus rules the lower legs, Mercury rules the arms – but do take care because this energy is hard and fast. Uranus rules torpedos and tornados and, again, the reason I am focusing on the Uranus part is because he is  being jostled by the faster moving transiting planets.

Otherwise? I err on the side of good news 🙂


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