Part Three: Mars And Saturn Go Retrograde This Weekend

That both these retrograde periods are about your RELATIONSHIPS (Libra) and about your SEX LIFE (Scorpio). Yes it can play out THIS LITERALLY.

But let’s talk about sex 🙂

I decided to ask the folks on my Facebook Timeline to chime in: has their sex life been BETTER under Saturn in Scorpio? And the few who did reply answered in the affirmative! (So far.)

Have you had more COMMITTED sex under Saturn in Scorpio? Sex with a long-term partner? Serious sex?

Well, my friends, whether the sex has been good, not so good, good enough, or non-existent, one thing is for sure, as I stated above, these transits are about your love and your sex.

I am curious though, using additional Saturn keywords: has your sex been overly structured? Or delayed? Have you had to fit it in? Has timing been a problem? Have you needed lessons???? Lessons in patience. Saturn is the Teacher. Or maybe you indulged in some role play with rules (another Saturn keyword). Or a little Master (Saturn) and servant game…

For those of you having sexual “problems” I do believe Saturn’s retrograde will see a relaxing of the rules, relaxing of the burden and greater enjoyment available to you. Once it goes direct, it will feel like starting over. New rules 🙂

Love, MP


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