Part 2: Animals As Empaths, Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo"
mars in virgo

And this was a pit bull who was licking my face and licking my face and licking my face. Say what you will about this breed, but a well-trained, well-loved pit bull is a smart, loyal, sweet sweet pet. With a tremendous amount of energy. I call her sweet potato because of her sweet-potato-colored coat.

Now I don’t have any planets in my 6th House, the house of pets and small animals, but I do have a lot of Virgo in my chart and my North Node is in the 6th… but in Pisces. Perhaps I was a lion tamer (Venus in Leo in the 12th House) in a previous life.

Transiting Mars‘ long stay in the sign of Virgo may very well see more animals enter your life. Fast frisky animals. Or you yourself may be the animal! Hmm! Think about that one!

So I was done with my tears and the doggie was consoling me by bouncing and licking my face and her enthusiasm for healing me was only a notch below what happens when she sees a squirrel climbing up a tree.

And it occured to me we should be more like the dogs, you know? Not cold and quiet and all islandy… but the almighty tongue instead. Simple. If someone is in pain, you lick their face. How many of the world’s problems could be solved by this method?

A lick, a treat, a walk. Life is simple. And… yet so hard. A funny combination I think. We all have the same problems: money, love, family, health, meaning. We want what we don’t have or want to switch it around or just want to relax or we’re broke, broken, in one way or another.

I am talking to clients all over the world and they are all different, different strengths, challenges, but there’s more in common than not.

So that’s my message for Mars in Virgo today: Be the dog. Be simple. Not stupid but simple. Clear. Is there something you want from someone? Ask for it. And then accept the answer. Is there something you want to say? Say it. Don’t pretend or be double. Be simple. Lick someone’s face. Give yourself a treat. Go for a walk.

And okay okay okay if you have no one’s face to lick then… look at yourself and say “I love you I love you I love you I love I love you” because that’s what Sweet Potato was saying to me when she cleaned my face so well.

Mars is on my Ascendent right now! Where is Mars in Virgo in your chart? 

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