Overcoming Fear With Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"What you do is get to the core, the origin, the essence of the matter. The bloody heart of the matter. No matter how bloody.

Saturn is your fear. Scorpio MUST have the truth. Combine these two and you don’t want to do it, but you must do it so you can heal and where you must heal FINALLY, after all these years, is where Saturn is transiting in your chart now. Think about it 🙂

First House? Healing “who you are.” Who are you? Second House: How are you making your money? Is it how you want to make it? What needs to go?

Third House: Heal your thinking. Are you suffering? Do you have to? Fourth House? What’s happening at home and how does it need to be different than how it was growing up because no doubt you are repeating patterns you aren’t aware of.

Fifth House? Who are you pretending to be? Can you be you instead? Sixth House? Focus hocus pocus. From discipline comes magic.

7th House? Why does everyone always leave? 8th House? The darkest house of all. You need a bloodletting. I hear leeches are back in fashion.

9th House? This is a sleight of hand transit. Objects in the mirror are much larger than they appear. 10th House: killing off the old career and giving birth to the new. Claiming power.

11th House: fake friends or real friends? Who supports you? Anyone? 12th House: sister to the 8th House. Addictions. What rules you because I have a feeling that it’s not *you*



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