Outrunning Sadness: Mars Conjunct Saturn

"mars conjunct saturn"Our planets have many keywords, many associations. Saturn is death. Saturn is the Teacher. Death teaches us, oh yes, it teaches us.

The other day on my Facebook Page was chatting with a young woman who reads my blog and she offered her sympathies when I mentioned, as I sometimes do, my mother, who died when I was in my 20s.

It wasn’t a pity piece though. I write about these things and forget it may stir the emotions of others.

Since that time, since my 20s, I felt I was the keeper of uncommon knowledge, wisdom. It was a tragedy. It was a privilege. I know death. Death came home. I know death.

Like in the Bible: and Adam knew Eve. Death and I were on intimate terms. Moon conjunct Pluto in my chart. Conjunctions are marriages. Can’t get more intimate than that.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel sad, often because of a dream that I can’t remember and work to pull myself out of it.

I sit at the computer, I get to work. I go for a walk. I get back into my body (we are out of our bodies during sleep) and pet the cats. I make coffee. I eat. Precision. I like precision when I start my day. I rarely linger in bed unless I am sleeping or sick. Virgo Rising. Let’s go, let’s get up. Let’s outrun sadness.

Mars conjunct Saturn is not a sad aspect but Saturn can bring pessimism, depression. And as I’ve been writing, Mars is the faster moving planet here so I don’t consider it as frustrating as Saturn passing over Mars which would be a giant stop sign.

Instead we have the football player crashing into the brick wall. Ouch.

But imagine this football player is also a magician because he keeps moving. He may crash but he keeps moving, the ball in his arms, he’s running, running, running, running, running, running.

Mars is running towards Saturn now. He hasn’t crashed yet. Tomorrow morning (Big City time) is the crash.

And the conclusion?

Where Mars and Saturn are transiting in your chart is where you… will truly move forward once Saturn is out of Libra. Your relationships. Possibly your money. The area of life that Libra covers in your chart. Saturn has been a brick wall in that part of YOU no matter how many strides you’ve made. It has been WORK.

Our little private discussion group has begun. Latecomers and lurkers are welcome. But the more you put in, and engage, the more you will get out of it, that’s for certain 🙂

Love, MP

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