Outer Planet Transits To Venus The Goddess of L.U.V.

"venus in capricorn"
Virginia Woolf : Venus in Capricorn

Hnybr, a loyal reader and commenter on the blog, wants to know about transiting planetary aspects to Venus and what I can tell you, Hnybr, is this:

First, thanks for asking! Second, some transits last longer than others.

Jupiter is the fastest of the slow-movers, followed by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and of course it depends on your individual chart and what kind of aspect the planet is making.

Venus transits will generally affect your love and your money, so astrologers often start sleuthing there. But let’s use love as an example:

Jupiter aspecting Venus may make you feel lucky in love, may make you feel like loving, and that anything can happen. Optimism. Possibly extravagant. Β Jupiter transits feel good. Or, sometimes, you don’t notice them. Some find Jupiter transits overrated. I don’t. But we don’t always know how it will play out, even when we know the chart. I have had aha moments with my own Jupiter transits, thinking it was about one thing and then realizing later what the truth of the transit was. See, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Sagittarius is the truth-teller! I mean, they can be pretty blunt πŸ˜‰

Saturn is going to bring you work, structure, limits and the R-word, restriction. Saturn transits (to anything) can feel crushing, sad. But again we return to the natal because Saturn is also time, timing, and can bring a long-lasting love. Or just make you feel ugly and rejectable. Must always look at the condition of the natal planet as well. For example, I am undergoing a Saturn transit now. I don’t like it. I feel bad. But I remember that I have good natal Saturn aspects in my chart. Not just tough ones. And that helps. And I call my astrologer to remind me of this πŸ™‚

Uranus may bring an exciting lover to your life and he may leave it as fast as he came in. Or you may just bump into things a lot, beautiful Venusian things. A lot. They say “expect the unexpected” where Uranus is concerned. It’s an electric, revolutionary energy. Meaning: shit comes out of the blue. Shit that will change your life. Out of your control. And sometimes you see marriages. Sometimes, divorces. Anything goes. Anything can go. All the slower-moving planets will change your life. That’s what they are here to do TO US.

With Neptune, you may have trouble seeing clearly and you idealize the lover. Who the hell are they anyway? And you’ll feel so blissed out, for a while, years even, that you won’t even notice or care. In my previous post on Venus in Pisces I called Neptune transits insidious. Isabel Hickey says that with Neptune? You should stick to what you know. The fog is that thick. With Neptune, romance is in the air. Everywhere. Don’t drink the kool-aid πŸ˜‰

Pluto? Oy Pluto. (Has anyone ever said Oy and Pluto in the same sentence?) Pluto may make you dominate your lover. Or seek domination. Or you’ll get obsessed. Really really obsessed. Possessed. Possessive. Jealous rages could become the norm. And the focus. Pluto rules Scorpio and you know how Scorpios have that laser-beam-like focus? Yeah, that’s the obsession. You won’t, can’t, let it go. Look to the house to see what you won’t let go. I have Pluto about to enter my 5th House, which I wouldn’t mind except for the oppositions he’ll make to my Cancer stellium. Oy.

And Chiron, I forgot about Chiron! With Chiron, old wounds open, the skin flaps in the wind. Kinda gross, right? Yeah, it’s gross. I fucking hate Chiron these days. But some astrologers believe there’s a chance for healing with a Chiron transit. A chance πŸ˜‰ Personally, I rather stick pins in my eyes. (Sorry, that’s my Saturn transit talking πŸ˜‰

But you have to look at your chart, get to know your chart, the planets, signs, houses, aspects. Sure, you can plug your information into any number of astrology sites and that will help. But nothing is better than learning how to read your chart by hand, by sight. Sitting with it and your coffee, in the morning, and your donut and going natal house by natal house, around the wheel. Getting a feel for what it all means. Teasing out aspects isn’t hard once you learn the language. And like learning any language, it just takes a little time and a good teacher.

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