Our Hearts Break And We Can’t Keep Them Open: Thoughts On The Full Moon In Virgo

empress-2I was getting my tea and dinner together, realizing that when the heart breaks, the heart chakra closes and tightens just a little more and a little more and a little more until one day, despite whatever the accomplishments are, whatever relationships you have, there’s something not… functioning. Not open. YES I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS but I felt this – in the moment. Today. And I opened up my heart again. Muscles get weak when we do not use them. And we do not use them for any number of reasons.

Childhood trauma no. 1 and the heart breaks. Childhood trauma no. 2 and the heart breaks. Childhood trauma no. 3 and the heart breaks and not only doesn’t your heart chakra breathe and sing and spin but has stopped DEAD in its tracks.

You are very much alive but with a dead heart. 

So I asked a friend from where he does his readings (he’s also an astrologer) and he gestured to a place above his head. So, third eye but also the intellect. Same place as me. Searching for answers, analyzing charts.

Then I remembered a reading I had back in December where my guy was talking about “seeing with the eyes of the heart” and he was talking about me and my work quite specifically, me and my life quite specifically, about how I was not seeing with the eyes of the heart (and there was more but sparing you the details).

It’s different. Feels totally different. Not to shut down the third eye or the mind but to add in this muscle. I don’t mean to make it sound like a Virgo Moon recipe. It’s not a recipe.

But the heart breaks, Aliza. What do we do?
I’ll let you know what I discover.

How do we keep it open?
I’ll let you know what I discover 🙂

But right now I use visualization (for keeping it open) and I know it when I feel it – when it’s open.

What if it’s been broken a long time? 
Never too late.

Does it hurt? 
YES. But it’s that good kind of hurt. The kind that comes from CLARITY.
Ace of Swords.

So I challenge you:

to find the chakra(s) from which you NEED to see (especially if you are a reader/healer of any kind) because it may not be third eye or crown or even heart. You may need to see from your root or sacral or…

Why is this a Full Moon in Virgo post?

Because Virgo is the analyst and Pisces… is not 🙂

Because the Full Moon’s job is to REVEAL, to make you see, make you see not only your Virgo shut-tight-ness (we all have Virgo somewhere in our charts) but also what’s available to you from the Pisces side: love. And seeing with the eyes of the heart.

Oh. And this. You don’t have to be all healed perfect redeemed flawless to open your heart chakra. Try breathing from there as an exercise. See where that gets you.