Ouch that Hurts! Hard Transits

Do you realize how much we need bad shit to happen? It’s true. We need tough transits to… throw us where we belong. Yeah, hard transits can feel like being thrown, a life being blown to bits. And when does the upside come? Could be years later. Ouch.

But without them, how would we know the difference? I have never been pollyanna. I have never thought I needed difficulty in order to grow or to grow character.

But the truth is… some people have too much fear (hello Virgo) to easily make change and need a push. More than a push. A death. Ugh, sorry there I go again with the metaphorical deaths but c’mon, would I be the same person had my mother lived? Her being alive now is unimaginable to me but… and I miss her daily but… well.. I never would have made it to New York, the place I love and hate and will leave. A place that changed me. Change is a given and change is priceless. And if a Virgo needs to be thrown off the roof? Then off the roof she or he will go.

So, bottom line, we need all our transits. And when the bad ones happen? Well, you need to shore up, you need to find your people before the bad ones happen. Saturn in Libra = relationships. Serious. We need each other. And this is coming from a 1st House Pluto lone wolf with North Node on her descendent.

Transits in transit: they move. They come, they stay, they go. Eh, they retrograde. If you know where you stand? Then you can stand… instead of crawl. My knees hurt from crawling.

Time for a Torah metaphor 🙂 we complain about being oppressed, but when we leave the oppressed and our oppressors, and enter the wilderness, the unknown, we still complain. Our old selves have to die and be reborn so we can enter the promised land, the land of milk and honey. And true faith. Jupiter in Taurus now asks us to make our faith (Jupiter) solid (Taurus).

Virgo Moon asks: what is faith?

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