Orb Theory!

"full moon in taurus 2011"
and the elephants will welcome the Full Moon in Taurus!

Orbs are a complex topic to me. I know what the standards are (or some astrologers’ standards or traditional astrology’s standards) but when I look at a chart, I find my intuition really comes into play. Not that I go all wild with elephantine orbs but I think interpretation is an art and I may find myself giving someone a trine that… someone else wouldn’t… and especially if they are looking for support in their chart. And this is just one example.

This one free software program that I’ve used… where you can’t adjust the orbs, I would also wind up eyeballing the chart for aspects because I learned that mine were wider. And there were days when I didn’t use any software at all and would figure it out by hand. I would take notes! I liked to really dig into a chart, going piece by piece like that, although it took more time.

So today when I was giving someone my answer, which turned out to be my approach, or Orb Theory, I was surprised. I mean, I’d never articulated it before, in an organized way that I knew someone would read.

I also think planets tend to get pulled in. That that is how the chart works. Or, for example, if someone has an Aquarius Sun and they have Sun and Uranus in aspect but too wide to be a legit square (for example) well, I still keep my eye on it and see what else is is touching those two heavenly bodies. The importance of that Sun Uranus needs to be weighed by a human, not a computer program.  Close, or exact, aspects matter of course, but so does almost.

And you? Do you have an Orb Theory? 

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