Opposition Fascination

I’m a Cancer Sun Mercury and Mars so everything for me begins and ends with feeeeeeeelings. And here’s my question today: How do you feel about the opposition, in regards to synastry? We all know what the astro textbooks say, but what is your experience? Have you found romantic oppositions to be stirring and exciting? Or annoying and confounding? Yesterday, the word “fascination” came to mind. “Oh, look at that Mars in blah blah blah over there! Isn’t that… interesting!.”

We look at the planets of the other, in opposition, across a crowded room. Maybe some other stuff is in the way, tangled aspects, but we *should* be able to see *them* albeit not all the time. The balancing act, the see-saw. Our other half?  But can the opposition really lead to harmony?

I am starting to wonder if the opposition begins with fascination and leads to… an appreciation of healthy difference 🙂 And not much more. Or does each person step by step walk towards the other, the result being… union. Do you oppose your lover?

Famous Last Words: I love you just the way you are 

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