Open The Windows: Advice For Hard Times/Transits

I was looking out the window when I thought of this blog post title. I was getting dressed and feeling grateful for how completely quiet it is here today, not just in my house but in the adjoining houses. Nothing. NO THING. Just the trees, if trees could talk (and they do, don’t they?)

When you feel beaten by a hard transit or bad mood or circumstance, open the windows. Let some air in. You can stop trying to fix or force. Let the storyline go (as Pema Chodron would say).

Read a book. Go for a walk. Talk to someone. Sometimes the way back is very simple. Simple pleasures (Venus!).

Moon is in Cancer today so you may want to stay close to home 🙂 I know I will.

On another note, here’s a question: how good are you at seeing your own future? 

Love, MP


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