Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg: Scorpio Season And Occupy Wall Street

"scorpio season"
"Get off Facebook, get the fuck down here"

You know why I support Occupy Wall Street? Because action is better than despair.

Why does it matter that it’s not all figured out? That it’s not all perfect and shiny. Don’t movements MOVE i.e. change? Allow for that and change becomes possible.

I was cynical, very cynical. Calling it the iPad Revolution but I started to change my mind even before I went over there, and what I felt, what I saw, was not just frustration, but… building. Creativity. All this frustration and anger channeled into this powerful beginning.  A little town in Zuccotti Park among the office buildings and shops and food carts. This is truly Libra in action: cooperation!

And Mayor Bloomberg, I mean no disrespect, but you are so wrong: Occupy Wall Street is GREAT for tourism.  How many foreign languages did I hear today? I lost track. And, yes, I know a tourist when I see one 😉 Downtown is BOOMING. The restaurants are thriving! And I don’t just mean McDonalds; I mean the Mom and Pop shops too, like where I got my chicken teriyaki. I think the truth is that you are smiling on the inside even as you present Serious Mayor Face to the world. After all, you’re an Aquarius! You are THE sign of the revolution!

Give them time is what I’m thinking now. Give IT time. This is only the beginning and yet part of something much much larger, and inevitable. I felt proud of my country today (and Cancer Suns are known for their patriotism), as proud as I feel when I see soldiers in the city. I always want to thank them for their service, and no I’m not comparing the two, except for how it makes me feel. That I was, am, witnessing ordinary people making a difference FOR America.

Scorpio is about commitment. Do you know where you stand? 

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