Open Heart Surgery For Scorpio Season

"venus in scorpio"
Venus in Scorpio

This is a metaphor.  A meditation.  A visualization.

A gal on Twitter was talking about her broken heart and she’s a sweet Sagittarius spirit with Venus in Scorpio. Yup, Venus return time.  And I told her to sew up her heart. She replied that her hands were tired.

I suggested instead that she take out her heart and what I was thinking was, of course, a visualization, a meditation, take her dark and sweet (yes, sweet) Venus in Scorpio heart out of her body and… look at it. Watch the life, watch the beating outside her body. That for a little while, maybe, just maybe, she could give herself a break. Take the damn thing out! And then see it for what it is: innocent, loving, resilient.  And then put it back, more whole than before. No longer broken.

Now it may seem like I skipped a few steps here, right? What else did she do to the heart to repair it? To prepare it? Well, that’s for her to know and no one to find out. It’s her secret and real Scorpios are great at keeping secrets.

And the same goes for you. Take out your heart and do your magic. How will you repair it? What will you do to make it ready to come back to you, inside you. How can you reclaim your heart after you’ve been utterly broken.  Meditate on this.  And then imagine every part of you whole again.

Venus in Scorpio is on intimate (Scorpio) terms with death (Scorpio) and rebirth (Scorpio). And you will be too this Scorpio Season.

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