Only Revealed Good For The Full Moon In Virgo

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I feel like the Full Moon in Virgo came early for me. Today. I took a hit along my 2nd/8th House axis. Or maybe more of a surprise than a hit. Maybe both. A hit implies bad. Sometimes something happens and we think it’s bad because the good isn’t revealed yet. Revealed good. That’s a phrase from Chassidic teaching.

One door closes another door opens? 

Nature abhors a vacuum?

How many cliches would you like? 😉

But more about the moon: the Full Moon in Virgo is on March 8th, at 18 degrees. Do you have any natal planets at or near 18 degrees?

Thinking about the number 8: remember the Tarot card for the 8 of Cups? Somebody is leaving. Will you? What are you leaving? Full Moons bring revelations. Leaving for something better, I hope.

The Sun, of course, will oppose the Moon. The battle is built in. Or as I wrote in another post today (at least I think it was today) battle or balance.

Mercury will be in early Aries that day, conjunct Uranus. What will you invent?

Venus will be in early Taurus, conjunct Jupiter and Pluto is at 9 Capricorn, trining. What a rich beautiful aspect. The two benefics and the… Lord of the Underworld! To me it feels like an… anything is possible aspect but… grounded. There’s a foundation to it. And the Venus Jupiter conjunction will only get tighter.

And Mars? Still retrograde and at 11 degrees, joining the trine. All these earthy planets bumping into each other, backwards, forwards. A dance.

The world that comes to mind for me now is “action” that you will want to take some, especially in the areas of life where these conjunctions occur, especially where the Full Moon occurs and the opposing house!

I just noticed a typo. I typed “WORLD” instead of “WORD” but I think I am going to leave it. I like it. The world of action.  And yet there are trines. There is flow.

One of my astrology books from storage that I’m enjoying looking through again is by March and McEvers. They’ve got a great list of keywords for conjunctions: emphasis, intensification, concentration, new activity…

So spin the wheel. Your wheel. Find the planets for March 8th, for the Full Moon in Virgo and tell us what you got!


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And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

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