One (Pre)View Of Saturn in Scorpio: Fear Of The Deep

"saturn in scorpio"
I'm a little bit gothy, I guess 🙂

The truth is (Mercury is in Sagittarius) that I don’t want to write such personal blog posts now but everything is personal when I write.

I saved a friend’s marriage yesterday. And all through the miracle of texting! Now I wouldn’t be bragging about this except that she told me and it made me smile and she told me before it happened. She wrote: if my marriage doesn’t end this time, it is you who saved it.

This made me feel amazing. It touched my heart. That I was doing some good in the world, some good for my friend. Cancer Sun needs to be needed. And Virgo Moon wants their advice taken. And Venus in Leo must be appreciated.  She gave me a gift. She got my Sun, Moon, AND Venus taken care of 😉 Not that I wanted her in crisis, but she gave me a gift. And she did the work. Not me.

The season shows us (maybe) what’s missing in our lives or where we should focus, what we should tweak. The Sun in Scorpio reminds us of our intimacy: whether we have it, whether we don’t, how we want it, how big, how small, who we are when we get close, do we get close at all, how afraid are we. And Saturn in Scorpio will drive all this stuff home home home home home.

Here’s a thought: some people get repulsed when you get to know them, want to know them. They are more comfortable in shadowland. Now I happen to love this process of getting to know someone profoundly, intimately. It’s exciting in every way — to go deeper and deeper.

Do you like to know and be known? What does your chart say? 

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