One Or Two Thoughts On The 12th House (And Pluto And The South Node)

I’m writing about the Houses again but I’m going out of order. I meant to write more about the First and the Second but now the Twelfth is on my mind.


We talk a lot about the Nodes and the 12th House (and various other topics!) on the message board I run.

A number of us have 12th House placements, some of us have the North Node there. Some struggle to make “sense” of it. Some wonder if they ever will.

Is it about “going spiritual” ? as an old friend used to threaten me with. I had met him on line. We would have dinner at this Moroccan place. He used to try to kiss me. He told me one day he would disappear, “go spiritual.” And then one day he did. Never heard from him again. I wonder what *he* had in his 12th House.

I feel like I know the 12th pretty well. A lot of it is from the love life perspective with my Venus there but ALSO my South Node. It’s my hometown. Where I come from. The House of the Holy.

I’ll mention one other 12th House quality for the moment: compassion. 12th House people often need to learn better boundaries, when to stop giving, when to stop caring, like a faucet that never turns off, because their compassion, their impulse to sacrifice is… well… if you sacrifice yourself you have nothing left (to give) — and that’s actually part of the problem or tendency. 12th House people LIKE how that feels! They like how dissolving into nothingness (higher consciousness) feels.

I feel like my Moon Pluto conjunction keeps on keeping on, keeps on generating energy and light, even when I get depleted, even though the light may be smaller on the social networking, it’s still bright in private. We associate Pluto with the masses, with replication, with regeneration. It does not stop.


So hmm that’s the point I want to make here, that I hadn’t set out to make… that 12th House people (or other compassionate intuitive people) should pay close attention to their Pluto. Because that Pluto is the source. Where they should look for their regenerative power. That Pluto feeds the rest of the chart.

Does this make sense to you? 


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