One Good Reason To Tweet And Why I Love Astrology

"sun in sagittarius"

I’ve still got Sagittarius on my mind because I like chatting with Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter.

Or do I say that I enjoy “tweeting with” Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter? I don’t know.Β All I know is that he’s chatty, as am I. At times.

And in one of his tweets today, he asked me: long day for the crab? And I thought this was funny. Funny because of the way we love our astrological metaphors.

And isn’t that part of what brought you here? I don’t mean to my blog necessarily, but to astrology: the language, symbols, myths. It made sense, didn’t it? It rang true. Your part in the world became that much clearer. You understood yourself better. You finally understood why you are the way you are, whether it’s a crab or archer or water bearer or…

I write a lot about emotional intensity because it’s something I struggled with all my life. I had always thought there was something wrong with me. Oh Aliza, she’s so sensitive. Oh Aliza she’s so serious.Β First time I sat down for a reading with my astrology teacher? It was the first thing he mentioned. “Moon Pluto,” he said. “Intense emotions.” In an instant, I felt better.

You are who you are. You need to live who you are. A Cancer needs to mother. A Virgo needs to help. A Leo needs to shine. A Libra needs to partner. A Scorpio needs to screw. And so on πŸ˜‰

Do you remember the first time astrology spoke to you? Or are you still waiting?Β 

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