On Working With Libra During Saturn In Libra

"saturn in libra"I was working with people by email today: new readings and readings in progress and it felt good. So gratifying to work with people over time, even though I don’t have all the answers. ๐Ÿ™‚

Spiritual coaching? Practical wisdom? Motherly love? Predictive educated guesses? I do a combination, using Astrology and Tarot and everything I’ve learned up to this point. At least… I think that’s what I do!

And yes I do enjoy reflecting on this path because it is natural to me and also mysterious. The voice you read here, I always had. Although I’m older now.

Saturn in Libra has forced Libra people to self-reflect more than ever. Out of the Libra comfort zone which is naturally concerned with the Other. Libra can become a mirror. Libra can spend his or her whole life in search of self. Who am I if not you and anticipating your needs?

Saturn in Libra has forced Libra people to define their desire. Now you may say that Desire is more of a Scorpio keyword but many Libra peeps have Scorpio planets and even if they don’t? They are human. They have desires. They have personal truths. Saturn in Scorpio will be their next and fascinating chapter.

They will emerge stronger. Believe it! ย Mars is in Libra now and gives us a taste of what’s to come.


Do you remember when Saturn was in your sign? How was it??

Love, MP

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