On Seeing The Devil

I think the Tarot class happening now is the best class I’ve ever run.

But it’s not just me. It’s the company I’m keeping in there. Deep thinkers.

This morning I left the house early for breakfast and an errand and wished I’d had my cards with me. Didn’t want to be apart from them. Maybe they’d have a message. Maybe not. I’m not one to ask the Tarot what to eat for breakfast but…

So tomorrow begins our third week and we’ll cover the Major Arcana 🙂 and I need to bring them the Tree of Life spread, which was my teacher’s favorite. Week number four will be informal, for question and answer, no new material introduced other than our theories, ideas, interpretations, discoveries, creativities. We’ll probably continue with our Daily Draws.

I drew THE DEVIL today. How fitting. This is what I wrote in the Card Room:

“Compulsion. Powerlessness. Addiction (even to negative thinking). Not willing to let go that which is destroying you. 

The Devil is NOT a card of power. I want to emphasize that. It is a card of ENTHRALLMENT. 

Tarot writers emphasize that the people in the card (in the Rider Waite or traditional versions) can take off their chains. Not sure I believe that. 

How easy is it for a prisoner, a slave, to take off their chains? The Devil is a card of SLAVERY. You have no choice when you see the Devil card. 

So what’s the advice??  “Back off” — is the phrase that comes to mind.

When you see the Devil card, back off. Because you are “pushing too hard” (in the words of the Seeds) 🙂

I know this card is associated with Capricorn but for me this card is all Pluto. But Pluto without the eventual painful worthwhile inevitable transformation. This energy doesn’t transform. You don’t make magic from it. You don’t come back from the underworld with your arms full of lotus flower.

Instead, what you do is… nothing. Other than back off. See the difference? The Devil is not going to become the Empress or the Star or even the Lovers. But life happens, every day is different, and tomorrow you may not draw the Devil. You can’t eliminate the Devil. You can only shift your focus, live your life, and maybe tomorrow you’ll wake up free.

Love, MP

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