On Reading Liz Greene’s Saturn Book

"saturn in scorpio"A smart Virgo Rising on the private message board suggested I revisit Liz Greene’s Saturn book when I was seeking some insight into my friend’s Saturn squaring my Moon and the book makes me laugh.

Greene is amazing.  She’s so deep I have to read and reread. Will I ever get through this book, cover to cover?

And then I started reading her Saturn in Scorpio/8th House chapter and the other day I was talking about Saturn in Scorpio being the death (Saturn) of death (Pluto) and she talks about the immortality of the 8th House and it all started to make sense. What we’re in for with this transit. I like discovering it on my own but books do help 🙂

And then I came up with this grossly paraphrased short version of this brilliant book: this Saturn contact really sucks and it’s full of despair and rage and lunacy BUT… 

And then she gives over the wisdom of how to deal.

No matter how crappy your Saturn square or opposition or sextile or TRINE is… YOU can become conscious. Saturn contacts are Saturn contacts she says. It doesn’t even matter (especially in synastry) what the aspect is. Saturn is touching your junk.

Love, MP