On Marriage And The Inconjunct

Sometimes people wonder about my marriage.

I’m a sensitive triple Cancer with a passionate Moon Pluto conjunction.

He’s a funny man, larger-than-life Sagittarius. Go big or go home, right? He calls St Patrick’s Day “amateur hour.” He has more euphemisms for farts than… I do.


His Sagittarius Sun is inconjunct his Cancer Moon and Ascendent — and the interesting part (to me) isn’t just my Cancer stellium conjunct his Moon/Ascendent but the fact that…  his relationship with me repeats what he already experiences every day, that Sagittarius Cancer inconjunct. The aspect of adjustment. The aspect of WTF IS THIS. The Foreigner.

In the 12th House class, a gal was asking about her Venus North Node inconjunct which made me compare it to an opposition (in her case) HOWEVER the opposition, like the Temperance card, requires that we balance, that we mix. We create something new from the two sides.

An inconjunct though does not require such blending. In fact, it RESISTS such blending. We cannot, we do not, we must not– in order to be whole — lose any part of either planet in this aspect. My teacher used to say: these people cannot even see each other across a crowded room (like the opposition). They just don’t fit.

And yet we marry the “don’t fit.”  At least in my case.

What are your experiences of this aspect? 

Love, MP

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