On Having a 1st House Moon Pluto Conjunction

No matter how far I get to the ledge, the edge, emotionally (which at times may overwhelm others or make them uncomfortable), I always come back.

See, it’s NOT REALLY the edge or the ledge. I wasn’t really gone BUT

Like a rubber band, I come back. My deep end is…. depth of pain. Or whatever the feeling is: grief, happiness, whatever. And then I’m back. Solid ground. I was never going to fall. But I was going to feel everything profoundly.

My foundation is SOLID. Moon Pluto trine SATURN. But on top of that are dancing emotional bears πŸ˜‰

My conjunction is well-aspected. I don’t go insane. I go to the bottom of the well, and I come back up with fish, starfish, buried treasure. For you. For me.

Moon Pluto people, can you relate? I’m sure others can too.Β 

Love, MP

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