On Fate, Free Will, And Ritual

"tarot reading in nyc"It wasn’t that my ritual and intention setting, a little more than a week before the New Moon in Leo, didn’t work. It DID work. It brought clarity. Clarity can lead to action. I want my life to feel free and open and possibility-rich.

But before it WORKED, it brought a boomerang affect. It felt like I was starting from Point One. Back to the beginning. But that, my friends, was an illusion.

I wake up Sunday morning and realize oh yes the ritual did work its magic but at first it offered me… sleight of hand as though wanting to make sure I was ready. I am ready. 

We have a second Full Moon this month at the end of the month, a Full Moon in Pisces, on my descendent, and you know what? I am not going to predict for myself ANYTHING. I am taking note of it and that is all.

Yesterday at my lunch with friends, my Sagittarius pal told me she cannot enter another story before the previous story is finished. She was talking about dating. How she cannot date anyone new until her divorce is final and yet all around her were men, also separated, and also 1. not divorcing and 2. flirting.

It’s not reality I told her. Divorce is REAL. Flirting with you? Sending poems? That is NOT real. That is fantasy.

She knows only a little bit about astrology so I didn’t overwhelm her with Neptune this and Saturn that but my point is, for those who are looking for love or feel imprisoned by unsatisfying relationships:

Choose Saturn over Neptune, real life over fantasy. Commitment and decision-making over… ambivalence. If someone’s got you on the hook, then use self-inquiry as your weapon. Soul-search. Don’t even bother blaming them. Ask yourself why. Why you stay hooked. Sure people get sucked in but then it becomes a choice. Self-inquiry.

And I definitely recommend setting intentions and doing rituals for New AND Full Moons. 

Love, MP

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Also, I will be raising rates in September.

Too many people are telling me that I undercharge. Some of the rates will seem like a big jump. That is because when I last raised rates, I only raised “some” of them. Moving forward, I am going to make it all even. 

News from MoonPluto Land: we are in the midst of completing Week One of my first class (not to late to join) and already plans are in the works for the second class, to begin in late August or early September.

It will be smaller, shorter, more intense, and a dive into the nature of Creativity, your 5th House, and your North Node. Your life as a Work of Art. Email me if this interests you. The cost will be $100 and class length will probably be 2 weeks. 

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