On Disappointment, Neptune, And Pisces

"venus square neptune"Due to the class I’ve been holding in MoonPluto Land (my virtual classroom), I’ve been spending more time in meditation.

I announce when I’m sitting and invite others to join me energetically.

I especially like this, not just because it’s a powerful tool for reconciliation and healing but because many of us are in different time zones. It’s just cool to “meet” others in Alaska and London and wherever 🙂

When you spend time in meditation you start to notice how your mind works, what you think about, what you feel about, and this practice (it IS a practice, not a perfect) changes the colors of your daily not-in-meditation life.

And lately I’ve been noticing this one emotion in particular and I am hoping to take care of it. That it will lead me to change my life.

The emotion I’m talking about is disappointment. And I know that disappointment is one of the low sides of Neptune energy and Jupiter energy. Remember that Jupiter and Neptune are associated with PISCES.

Both Neptune and Jupiter are idealists and when Real (Saturn) doesn’t match up to the dream, disappointment may ensue.

Example: I am tired/bored of where I live, this neighborhood. I almost don’t want to go for walks. I’m disappointed when I step out the door. Still here. I want something else. Even though this apartment is quiet. I’ve always liked it. It’s not the apartment. It’s what surrounds. Still here. I want to walk outside my door and see/feel something beautiful. My first astrologer, years ago, once told me, “You actually expect to live in a perfect world!” 

Or when I think I’ve finally gotten my love life figured out and Saturn reality comes sneaking in through the window or up from the roots: disappointment. No three cherries in the slot machine window.

But don’t let disappointment fool you. It easily can. It can make you make changes that aren’t required. Your life is in process always. Fate and karma exist, just as free-will does.

I have Venus square Neptune in my chart as well as Venus in the 12th House as well as Neptune opposing Saturn. I will struggle with this. With perspective, with clear seeing, with disappointment. With knowing when to sit and when to move on. But it all begins with that existential tickle.

Another image for this: The Magician vs. the High Priestess. Doing vs. allowing. But they are more alike than we realize. They work together more than we realize. They are brother and sister and same.

Now I’m not saying that I DON’T need a change. I would happily move should the right situation arise but…

It’s like with grief. The sooner you Be Here Now, the sooner and more completely you go through it, the sooner you will be done with the lesson and the extreme of it. It’s tricky, too, because it cannot be rushed.

Do you meditate? What do you notice? 

Love, MP

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