On Continuing The Theme Of Mourning + Stirring Occasionally: The Stars This Week

"jupiter trine uranus" Monday: Venus Uranus trine (it still matters, still exact)
Tuesday: Moon in Sagittarius. Venus Jupiter inconjunct Chiron
Wednesday: Full Moon in Capricorn. Mars Pluto shockwave warning
Thursday: Mercury sextile Uranus
Friday: Mercury square Chiron, Mercury sextile Jupiter

So I kept getting hurt. My body, not my heart. The continuing story of. Not every story is a mourning story but FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN coming and we all know that Full Moons are deaths. Well I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart. Everything mending, in progress mending, very Seven of Pentacles, a bit of pause, no longer walks. Keeping up with body-happy-positive blogs and ideas, working with clients, and rain, New York rain overcasting. Rice noodles cooking at the moment, taking longer than the box insists.

What’s up with you? How’s your heart? Venus is in Leo. Jupiter is in Leo. Leo rules the heart. How’s your body? I’m thinking of you. I’m feeling a little lung pain in you. Tenderness, soreness. I hope you’re okay. You can breathe just afraid to sometimes. That’s what it is. I know the feeling. It gets me in the middle of the night usually and then I find something on YouTube to relax me. YouTube is really the best thing ever.

"full moon in capricorn" So what about the week ahead? 

Previous blog posts discussed the Full Moon. I don’t want to go back there right now. The week itself does not alarm me a ton. I know some people really do not like inconjunct energy and this one is Leo to Pisces. Presence vs. Absence. She loves me, she loves me not. But there it is again — the heart. We have to talk about the heart. Leo rules the heart. Leo rules the King and Queen. Venus and Jupiter in Leo and remember Jupiter is leaving Leo but Venus is staying pretty much all summer so TAKE HEART. Sing, whisper, hum to yours. Tell it stories, bedtime stories in a whisper. New good incoming stories and poems of love and starlight.

Mercury rules the week’s end through squares and sextiles, hard and soft conversations with the neighbors, siblings, cohorts. Painful sometimes. Or crazy. Or jubilant. Plans made with great faith. We’ll talk about the weekend as it gets closer but, again, this week does not alarm me beyond belief despite the downward spiral of Capricorn Full Moon. Take a vow of silence. That’s my advice. Respond not to the haters, graters, and baiters.

On continuing the theme of mourning, a little more about this week’s Venus Chiron inconjunct OUCH. You may want to be brave and puff yourself up all Leo style pride, but Chiron is a soul draw. Know what I mean? Not a blood draw but a soul draw, soul pinch. These two in aspect. Venus and Chiron. Like Chiron in the 7th. Or Chiron in Libra. You think they’ll never ever see you, value you. Put the right price tag on your forehead. YOU have to put the right sticker. And Jupiter makes it big, enlarges this pain. What to do? I was talking about singing to your heart and you can massage it too with your fingertips in a circular motion (because not everyone has a voice) but if that’s too much for you just put your hand there. Try it.

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.
I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before. No new synastry readings)
60 minutes = $65.
You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk 🙂 it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

"venus trine uranus"

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