Oh Wow Tuesday You Ready For Sun Jupiter???? + Full Moon Thoughts

"sun conjunct jupiter"
(Painting by Tina Palmer)

I shrug my shoulders at today (no big deal, Moon in Capricorn doing this, doing that). It’s tomorrow when things begin their ch-ch-change but we feel it today for sure. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Here’s your miracle but you’ve had to have been standing on line for your miracle to receive it. And you can’t cut in front of others either. Virgo doesn’t do that. Moon is square Uranus tomorrow: you can’t plan for this. There have been Wheels of Fortunes all around you for days now, weeks maybe. A month or two? Mercury sextile Saturn too (tomorrow). Virgo/Scorpio is SMART.

By the time Moon enters Aquarius on Thursday you’ll know far more than you do today. Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend (or maybe it was the day before) and I got Jupiter vision. Jupiter vision = I saw the big picture. The last two years. Okay two years and about 4 months. Perspective. Wide angle lens.

You know what belief is? Faith? And I am using the two simultaneously here. When you have no proof. When there is no immediate answer but you move forward, you move the rock anyway because maybe there’s water in the well. Maybe a drop — which is enough.

Jupiter expands what it touches so one way this will play out: Jupiter will make the Virgos and Virgo inclined people more desperate for answers, that “irritable reaching after fact.” I NEED TO KNOW!!!

But there’s another way… 

"sun conjunct jupiter"Let’s talk Full Moon in Pisces. This is “another way.”

The Full Moon (which is conjunct psychic visionary Neptune) opposes Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, clarity and proof. Emotions could cloud your everything but that’s how it should be. That’s what is needed. To abandon irritable reaching after fact and putting everyone else first. What about you? Don’t you matter too? Think about that. Moon Neptune on one side. Sun Jupiter on the other. And then the Pluto piece. Moon Neptune sextiles Pluto. Yes ethics (Virgo) matter, but that’s never been a problem for you. It’s having faith that matters most this week. And the dream. The dream: what you don’t have now and what you want what you want what you want.

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