Oh Melancholy Car Rides In The Green Stationwagon of Life

"mercury retrograde"
Tommy Lee Jones has Mercury in Virgo

Another post for Mercury Retrograde because Mercury Rx makes me REmember and Cancerian folk like any excuse to REvisit the past even if the past sucks, sucked. It’s territory to claim and REclaim. Mine it, and if not for gold then for… dust.

So I started a thread on Facebook about being a child of the 70s and knowing all the Eagles songs by heart. It makes me feel so quintessentially American. Suburban. Station wagon. AM Radio. Singing along to songs you didn’t really like. Dear Don Henley, my melancholy knows no bounds.

If Mercury Retrograde isn’t Memory Lane then I don’t know what is. Especially as it’s trafficking my 12th House of what is locked.

So through music (songs that appeared on my Pandora station) I grab my little flashlight and shine it on my 12th but it’s almost the Retrograde and it’s like the House itself is preparing itself but when it’s the 12th house and the 12th House is hidden and secretive, does a Retrograde Mercury through there, and through some weird backwards logic, actually straighten out the furniture??? (How was that for a long sentence?)

In my previous post, I was talking about getting lost. Letting the Retrograde period give you the freedom to… un-Virgo yourself. Virgo can be a burden. Mercury Retrograde through Virgo, even the VERY beginning of Virgo is an invitation, with lovely handwriting, to the WRONG address and yet it reaches you, is MEANT for you. So. Open. Up. The. Letter. Read it.

Mercury the Trickster, Mercury the Messenger, our Cosmic Mailman has a message for YOU this Retrograde Season: can you decode it? What does it say?

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