Of Shame And The Body

"the night porter"Why some people have it and why some people don’t. Shame.

I’d consider Saturn and Pluto to be co-rulers of shame and I’m thinking of the Venus in the 8th House people in my life (Venus is love/desire/attraction and the 8th is associated with Scorpio/sex) and how they do not have this body shame and then remembering someone else who no doubt has it. See, the entire chart matters.

These are random thoughts, I know, but this evening was watching a documentary called Great Directors and I had no idea that a woman directed The Night Porter (and I was about to call The Night Porter an erotic film which probably makes we weird but I am particularly interested in women directors exploring taboo subjects) and again a memory:

recalling a certain ex boyfriend, no shame at all to be naked, unlike me and my chart-body and how his naturality (for lack of a better word) extended to me too. I held my shyness close, but it didn’t come from him. He made no judgements ever. And he was always hot and ready. Also didn’t want me to color my new grey hairs, thought it meant I’d be seeking a younger man.

Is it the Rising Sign that determines unselfconsciousness?  Is it the squares (or lack of them) to Venus? Or is it the Moon, what we learned from, in, our families, our mothers. This body-happy ex boyfriend, by the way, has a Venus Mars sextile so that’s another clue, harmony between the male/female sides of his nature…

Your thoughts? 



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