Of Desire And The Body (Venus In Scorpio)

"venus in scorpio"How it’s possible to love someone deeply but have no *emotional* passion for them. Ever experience this? And it’s not about the physical necessarily.

There is love, there is comfort, friendship, even romance, attraction. But there’s no emotional passion. I don’t know what else to call it.

Does this mask fear of intimacy? Does it mask sexual problems? Or is it… chemical? They just don’t… taste tasty to you.

And would the synastry show this and how… Something in the Mars…

These little blog posts are coming out of me, lots of questions, few answers, more philosophy than astrology (but it IS Sagittarius Season!) and I KNOW this is Venus in Scorpio territory, this dark goddess probing my 3rd House.

The heart doesn’t lie. The body doesn’t lie. The body responds. But it does not lie. And you either feel a red light for someone or a green light. No inbetween.

Do you agree? 


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