Occupation Diary (Occupy Wall Street, Part 6)

"Occupy Wall Street"
I need a real camera

Before going to work, I had time to kill, so I headed back to Zuccotti Park.

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to contribute and anyone who reads this blog knows that I haven’t been feeling so well lately. You know how that is. You’re sick. You rest. You get better. You overdo it. It comes back. I am hoping it isn’t coming back 🙂

But back to Wall Street, late morning, I did my usual: got my breakfast and my coffee and headed over and today was amazing.

I was able to witness the Occupy Wall Street decision-making process as a discussion began (and folks broke up into small groups) about how drugs and alchohol are indeed banned from the camp by consensus, but also how this issue can theoretically be opened up again and consensus will decide again.

I was amazed by the minds and the maturity and the clarity of these young people. The ones who I heard speak were no doubt under 3o. I came away INSPIRED and wondering what I was going to do to support OWS besides meditating at the altar. Consciousness raising, anyone?

The substance thing is just one example, but an important one. There is much to… take care of here. Much to organize, much to plan, much to MANAGE. Can you imagine? No leader but decisions must be made about EVERY DETAIL in this… camp, this occupation, this town, this little apple inside the Big Apple. It must FUNCTION. And that’s what is so incredible to me. That it IS functioning. There’s a library, a kitchen, first aid stand, clothing supply, art and culture group… all of this besides the REASON WHY this started.

I’m going to start by bringing some food (tomorrow? the day after?).  Some months ago I began a high protein diet and I’ve got all this Annie’s macaroni (some of it gluten free!) which I’ll never eat.

And honestly if you are in the tri-state area you have no excuse for not coming down here and seeing how THIS THING WORKS. Walk inside the park. Talk to people. See it in action. See what is BUILDING here.

And for those of you who aren’t following this as closely as I am, Mayor Bloomberg did indeed say that the protesters could stay indefinitely. Or maybe he’s counting on the winter freezing them out.

I apologize for the lack of astrology lately. The next thing I’m going to do though is offer another special for a mini-reading, post-Full Moon, in honor of the Waning Moon. Details to come about that.

In the meantime, your homework is this: find the Scorpio house in your natal chart because that’s where the action is moving. Venus is there already. Mercury will be next.  This house will be lit up for you. Those areas of life will be highlighted. Be prepared to dig deep, to be a detective of your own life. Probe yourself 🙂 The intensity and commitment and control of Scorpio is perfect weather for Occupy Wall Street: the shift from cooperation (Libra) to intimacy (Scorpio)… because if  you don’t get close, if you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know the other, you can’t get anything done.

We need each other.

Does Scorpio play nice with your chart? 

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