Nurture Yourself With Your Pluto!

"moon pluto conjunction"Energy in, energy out. That is life.

Makes me think of the 8th House: sharing. Intimacy.

The 8th House is known as “other people’s money” in part because it is the 2nd House of the 7th i.e. your partner’s money. Your partner’s ENERGY. I’ve got Chiron there. Oy. My partners are wounded.

If we do not receive, we lose the energy to give and I was thinking about my own mothering Cancerian energy. It does not regenerate. If I cut off my hands, they do not grow back. The regeneration happens elsewhere in the chart.

And then I get my aha moment: my Moon (Cancer’s ruler) is conjunct Pluto. My Cancerian energy DOES regenerate after all. Hands grow back.

What’s in your 8th? Where’s your Pluto? My 1st House Pluto guarantees I come back from the dead.

Along these lines, I am thinking about the people in my life: those who give, those who take, and the neutrals! I guess I’ve got some of each and sometimes they flip. Sometimes a neutral becomes a rabid taker or is a reformed taker. Yes, I am thinking of someone in particular who always tried to yank me out of my shell. Their needs were of utmost importance. Didn’t matter what I wanted. I cut these people out but if they change, I may let them back in.

And this: RECEIVING IS A SKILL i.e. learning to receive, to allow, to accept, to ATTRACT is a SKILL. If you don’t have it innately then you must skillfully learn how. With Venus in Gemini and retrograde now? Ponder this. Ponder your Venus and your ability to connect and draw to you the riches you require.

Demanding vs. Attracting: they are different.

What do you demand of others? 

Love, MP

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PS the picture is of Ingmar Bergman, Cancer Sun

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