Nurture Yourself With Your Moon

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I pay more attention to the Moon than I used to. Even my cycle is in sync with the Moon these days, the Full Moon and I’m wondering what you are feeling, if anything, in these days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

How sensitive are you?

I was reading an Astrology book this morning which reminded me that we look to the Moon (house, sign, aspects) to find out how we can best nurture ourselves. Have you looked lately?

With my Moon conjunct Pluto, probing deeply soothes me. My Moon Pluto needs to do this kind of work (doing Readings, for example). Moon in Virgo needs to put things in order, do small tasks. I try to do this for other people.

Moon in Cancer needs to eat 🙂 Moon in Taurus may need to sit under a tree. It can be that simple. Moon in Aquarius may need time alone, to leave everyone behind. Moon in Leo is a Star and needs people in her life who appreciate her and tell her so.

Moon in Scorpio also needs to delve deep. Surface will never satisfy. Moon in Capricorn must work. Moon in Aries could find relief riding a motorcycle. Moon in Gemini really should multi-task. Could be soothing.

And so on…

And one of the coolest things I was reading this morning about the Moon was about depression. How Moon Saturn and Moon Pluto people, for example, can be soothed by depression. I don’t mean depression that lasts for years. I mean a temporary withdrawl of outward energy as a way to recharge. And not even that you chose it but that it happens and rather than fight it… instead you go down into it and let it be.

What does your Moon say?

Love, MP

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