November Course Offering on the TAROT COURT (with a smattering of Chakras)

MAIN DISH: The Tarot Court…

but I also want to add in some chakra work as well, just because it is on my mind! "venus in scorpio"

Here is what I posted on my Facebook just now

The next MoonPluto e-course offering will be on the TAROT COURT.

Four out of five Tarot lovers/readers/obsessives experience woe and consternation when faced with the COURT CARDS and long to deeply delve!

I will be bringing you material from:

-Mary K. Greer, Angeles Arrien, Yoav Ben-Dov, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and yours truly! (And possibly others, we’ll see).

I love to learn and teach this way.

Compiling information, bringing information, discussing information, interacting with information. I know all these classes that I’m doing have made *me* a better reader and Tarotista.

Details to come – start date, cost, length of class, etc, BUT YES NOVEMBER!

Minimum EIGHT students and we’ll start * * *

Message me to get on the list!

And the cost will be what it usually is — sometimes my classes are as low as $85. The high end is $125. Still figuring out that part out…

Message me if you have questions. MOONPLUTO@GMAIL

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