Notes On Not Being A Medium

"jupiter square pluto"I do not market myself as medium, but sometimes clients do ask about loved ones who have passed on and this happened today.
A young woman asking about her brother.

In her words:

I felt my brother was helping me through everything for a long time (he died 4 years ago) and then recently I feel like he’s disappeared. 

And this is what my cards told me:

He may have crossed a threshold that he wasn’t able to before. 

I’m asking if the brother is around you and what I get is that he is inside you, so to speak.
He’s more fused with you now than before, but you are on the same page.
I am trying to find the words to explain it but it’s as though he IS here supporting you but you are moving in tandem
whereas before it was separate. Now he’s more integrated IN YOU.
His soul/spirit/personality moves WITH YOU rather than talks to YOU.
See the difference?
It’s subtle but not subtle at all. A different energy.
I don’t see any separation at all. In fact it’s more united.

She wondered if it made sense that she could no longer hear him.

The voice is inside you now. Think of it as NO separation. 
So it will “sound” like your voice. It’s fused, totally fused energy. 

Before it was a very CLEAR distinction,like you could ask a question and get an answer!
Now the answer comes through YOUR mind so you think it’s “just you” but really he’s been integrated. 
You need not think he’s gone. He’ll never be gone. 

Have you experienced something similar?

Love, MP

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