Notes From MoonPlutoLand :)

Recommitting myself to the blog.

I’d been branching out a bit lately and… I don’t know what my point is exactly except that I am recommitting myself to the blog.

Maybe Saturn through my THIRD HOUSE is finally getting to me. SITTING DOWN AND WRITING.

And I do love to do the classes. Love studying and then teaching.

And I did stick my toe in the video pool but tonight I was out with my husband at dinner and I felt sad. I couldn’t quite pin it down either. Hormones? Yeah probably. Just a Cancerian mood? That too. MORE ART MORE ART MORE ART I NEED MORE ART NEED TO FEED AND GET FED. And for me that often starts with just writing. Getting back to my roots.

Also Jupiter is OUT of Gemini. Saturn is in SCORPIO. THIS IS THE TIME FOR THE DEEP FOCUS and that’s who I am anyway. The blog and my clients. EXPANDING MY FAMILY: Jupiter in Cancer. I’m happy to expand my patience, my love, my client-base, my knowledge… but otherwise I can feel myself pulling back from the cray cray.

Mars is currently traveling through my 12th House of SOLITUDE and I am counting the seconds for the leap into my 1st and VIRGO. Early degree Virgo Risings REJOICE!

Where you at? 

Love, MP


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