Notes From A Tarot Reader: Do You Believe In Fate?

When I say something is “unwritten,” it means you have a choice. Free-will. Yes, I believe that sometimes we have free-will and sometimes we don’t and I feel that I can feel this at times. What is yes, what is no, what is UP TO YOU.

I was thinking about this while washing the dishes just now. Whether I am going to move out of my current apartment soon or not and I couldn’t really feel it either way until I realized, until I had my AHA MOMENT, that it wasn’t written yet i.e. I would get to choose. I wouldn’t get thrown out (long story).

What are you experiences? As a Tarot Reader or other reader? As one who gets readings? What do you see? What do you feel? And do you believe in FATE and/or FREE-WILL?

Love MP


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