Not My Lipstick, Not My Pig: Mars In Libra Goes Direct

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: "mars in libra direct"

Those issues in our lives being affected by the Uranus Pluto square (and you can know what those issues are, on the most basic level, by finding transiting Uranus and Pluto in your chart, those houses), those issues won’t find solid ground until the square is over and done. You want a conclusion? You won’t get one. Not yet. You’re in progress.

AND Mars going direct is a new and possibly painful chapter in all this BUT I AM GLAD. We are all glad about Mars going direct. With Mars in Libra for so long, with Mars retrograde in Libra for so long, THERE IS NO MORE ROOM UNDER THE RUG in which to sweep everything we are too pussy to discuss.

Rest assured Mars WILL enter Scorpio and the ones who’ve been refusing to be fully forthright will come out of the woodwork and have their say and OOF MAYBE EVEN TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY and you may feel any number of the following:

-pissed off
-too little too late

If you, like me, have come to terms with your anger during Mars’ extended stay in Libra, then you are perfectly poised to enjoy the fruits of the rest of this transit — If you’ve been doing The Work, if you’ve been putting energy into the project. What project? The project of investigating, researching what triggers you. The project of mastering the flow of your most painful and destructive emotions. The project of not blaming yourself for being human. The project of not outsourcing your rage. The project of taking responsibility. The project of not willing to put lipstick on a pig 🙂 That’s what Mars in Libra has been to me all these months. Constant reapplication of lipstick on that pig.

Got sanity? 

Love, MP

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