Not Feeling Very Leo For The Moon In Leo

"saturn conjunct moon"
transits that fuck you up

When the work is done, when the day is done… there you are.

What, who, do you see?

It’s an eerie feeling for me lately since I’ve been so busy when the busy stops… and it’s quiet and I hear some song that really gets to me…

Where I live is so quiet and it’s a blessing. I never take it for granted — because I lived in HELL for 3 years, horrible neighborhood, horrible loud neighbors, how many times did I go downstairs to beg and plead for quiet. Calling the landlady, anything for quiet, but I was surrounded. One of those buildings.

Transiting Saturn was conjuncting my Moon and Pluto with transiting Uranus opposing all that. Jupiter was moving through my 5th and yes I was having a very Venus-Neptune love affair…

Do you ever do that? Think back to those days and wonder how you survived it all, how you didn’t die?  The stories you had to tell yourself to get through each day. And here you are now, in a better place after so much, so many swords, and how you better not forget.

Bad times mark you – at least for a while. Hard to unlearn all that fear.

I don’t have an astrological point to make. Just be grateful. If you can. I mean, if you think you have what to be grateful for. If you’re warm and fed and not too lonely and not sick or if you are sick, your doctor is the best in her field.

Look around the room you’re in right now. What do you see?

I lost (almost) everything. And here I am… a few years later… buying books again and it feels WEIRD. Stuff like that.

Okay. Enough heaviosity. Let us return to the Moon in Leo, shall we?  Where’s your Leo house? Where are you shining? For me it’s the 12th: I’ve got a secret. 🙂

"moon conjunct pluto"
the moon is in leo

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