Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Saturn Trine Uranus

"saturn trine uranus" This aspect is not exact yet but it’s fascinating me. They are dancing but not kissing. Not yet.

We end January with Saturn at 14 Sagittarius and Uranus at 17 Aries.
We end February with Saturn at 15 and Uranus at 18.

And then end of March Saturn goes direct at 16 Sag with Uranus at 19.

It’s not until DECEMBER 2016, this year, that the trine perfects.

Right now we’re getting a taste, just a taste of this kiss. This kiss is your life, more than any other transit at this time.

Listen: in June, Saturn will retrograde back to 13 and Uranus is at 23.

So THESE MONTHS yes right now before the retrograde, these months have something to say to you.

Do you know how to listen? Can you hear it? 

Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Saturn traps you. Saturn = DUTY. The father. Wisdom. Maturity. Fear (healthy and unhealthy fear). Boundaries. You in charge of your life. You the Authority of the your Life. And Uranus, well, Uranus LEAVES. I wrote that in yesterday’s blog post. Uranus leaves.

I think this is extra interesting right now because we’re just stepped into Aquarius Season and both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius.

Think about it. How you, the alchemist, may combine these. The Temperance card. Integrating exodus (Uranus) and foundation (Saturn). Think about this long and hard until Saturn goes retrograde. And then let it go.

Uranus is inconsistent. Uranus is a highway. But not all who wander are lost.


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