North Node Strategy! Do You Have One? Need One?

"north node in pisces" Think of the North Node as something you do – activity, action. Thoughts too. Mindset. Perspective. But very much this question: what can I do to bring my natal North Node to me?

Don’t wait for life to give you the opportunity or the challenge. Start where you are.

My South Node is in Virgo and I have a lot of other Virgo in my chart. I feel uncomfortable with time off, uncomfortable with breaks, with escapism. I never take drugs. I’m not even a drinker. I quit smoking. But astrology tells me I have to stop working all the time. I have to breathe. I have to create room, make space, embody Neptune. I have to do nothing. Regenerate.

One way I am beginning to do this is by listening to spiritual radio stations. It’s that simple sometimes. I had a hard week and then started the blood portion of my moon cycle and must rest so I took yesterday and today off and right now I’m listening to… well… it’s “out there.” WAY out there. I may be an astrologer and tarot reader for a living BUT Virgo South node is practical (which slides easily into pessimism). I have lists though. I know exactly what I’ll be up to when I go back to work tomorrow.

Hmm North Node in Pisces: making an effort to drift and meditate but without letting these practices turn into depression. It’s a slippery slope for me.

And then I stop myself. Really? Might a depression that arises when I STOP all work-like activity have some value? Could that be why us South Node in Virgo humans prefer to keep busy? Some truth to that.

Making things even more interesting then is the fact that us North Node in Pisces people will be having a reverse Nodal Return! The North Node by transit is in Virgo now thus even more us Pisces North Node folk must plan our escape. Make it a routine. Prioritize it. Realize that we won’t miss anything by stopping.


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