North Node, South Node, Twin Flame

Sometimes when I look at a new chart and I see the North and South Node, I feel like I know the whole story of that person. Of course this can’t be true, right? This would be impossible and irresponsible astrology. Right?

HOWEVER, looking at the Nodal axis in someone’s chart can give you (or me) a large helping of that person’s story, karma, life mission i.e. main dish, two side dishes, something tasty to drink, maybe a biscuit. And then dessert!

And when I first look at a chart, I don’t go in the usual order, as many would suggest, finding the Sun, Moon, Ascendent.  What I do is go around the chart, usually starting with the 12th/Asc/1st and then go house by house and when I see that Nodal axis, I know where this person will fall-back and what they need to strengthen throughout.

This topic leads me to the TWIN FLAME topic, something I am currently obsessed with. Is the Twin Flame concept mere New Age rewriting of the Soul Mate idea? Does it matter? I am watching youtube videos, different spiritual teachers sharing their thoughts on this. Some believe there is such a thing as a Twin Flame and some don’t.

What do I believe? I’m not sure but I’m sure to develop a piece of a theory before the end of this post 😉

Now, I do look at the Nodal axis in synastry for past-life connection (i.e. does your Sun conjunct their North or South Node?) and that in this lifetime you meet again to resolve issues. Or to sink in deeper (heh heh heh).

And then there there is Saturn. There is always Saturn. Lesson to be learned.

Question: how do you know you have found your Twin Flame? What are the signs? What happens when Seasick Sally believes Bashful Brad is her TF, but he feels differently? What if you live in different continents and never meet? Does it matter? Do you need to live with and/or marry your Twin Flame? Maybe it depends on the person. A Venus square Uranus lady may be perfectly happy knowing her Twin Flame exists but is scared shitless to meet him. There are many ways this could play out but the questions are

1. how do you know s/he is IT

2. then what?

Bottom line for me (at the moment!) is that you won’t know for sure until you’re on your deathbed or after you’ve crossed over and real wisdom-perspective comes. So until that time, it’s theory or feeling or hope or day to day experience but it may not be truth.

Do you have Twin Flame theories?



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