North Node Sermon: On Feeling Stupid

 "saturn in sagittarius" So strange. I was in the middle of a blog post and my computer freaked-out. Restarted the machine. I’m not sure I can reproduce it.

It was about feeling stupid. I was asking you. You, reading this. How often you feel stupid — throughout the day. How I don’t feel stupid all that often. But that I DO feel stupid today. And that feeling stupid is not the same as shame but it has something to do with exposure, even though it isn’t about other people. It’s about feeling stupid to yourself. Something feels out of alignment or off track. Not on track with your track — is how stupid feels to me.

I think, actually, that was the gist of it. And I was relating it to the North Node. The North Node is your track. And then I made a joke about Young MC (long story) and POOF blog post gone.

So the question becomes: HOW TO FEEL LESS STUPIDITY and more INTEGRITY — more on track — even when we have to do things (or feel we have to do things) that we don’t really want to do or something feels “off.”

Answer: North Node. Go North Node with it. Your natal placement is good for all time (for this lifetime) but you can also borrow from the North Node by transit. YES TRY THIS TAKE MY ADVICE AND SO WILL I.

How you can feel LESS stupid is to move towards authenticity. Be you. No matter what you do. And if THAT doesn’t work. If bringing North Node to the task at hand doesn’t soothe the feeling then perhaps you need to rethink what you’re doing and why.


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