North Node Meditation Instruction

Read the instructions all the way through at least once, before beginning

1. Find the sign of your North Node

2. Sit quietly, on the floor or in a chair, wearing comfortable clothes. Lotus position not necessary

3. Take a few deep breaths, in and out

4. And begin to imagine the North Node glyph, like a keyhole, and imagine yourself stepping through it

"Katagiri Roshi"
Meditation and Baby

5. What do you find? It’s up to you. Try a relaxing image that matches the sign of your North Node. Is it Taurus? Try a field. Cancer? An ocean

6. And using words, or not, imagine yourself receiving guidance, receiving wisdom, receiving comfort from this sign. Capricorn? What does the goat have to tell you? Aries? Listen to the ram. Try using the glyphs, the imagery, the archetypes. Prepare to receive

7. And let your mind relax, Β relax, relax, let your body relax relax relax, keep breathing, with your guidance and your wisdom and receive. Or for you Aquarians out there: download πŸ™‚ Go slow, go easy, peaceful, quiet

8. Do this for one minute, two minutes, three minutes, four, five, however long you want

9. And when you’re ready, when you feel the flow of energy slowing down, when you feel calm, calmer, downloaded, bring yourself back to the present moment. Step back through the keyhole… to your life.

10. These are the basics. Go through the steps as slowly as you can. You can even try this before bed instead of that fifth vodka martini πŸ˜‰

But seriously: Your North Node is you talking to you, your higher self, which is really all the wisdom you need.

And if you do this meditation, I’d love to know what you discover.

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