North Node In Pisces & And the Dry Erase Board

"moon conjunct pluto in virgo"
where are you going? where have you been?

Folks who work with me know that I’m obsessed with my DRY ERASE BOARD.
I’ve got two of them. Part dry-erase, part cork.
These are my Manifestation Tables.

I’m not exactly sure what a Vision Board is so I can’t say if this is that.
I don’t cut out pictures. I don’t collage. Except in words.
I write lists, tasks, things to do, but these are also free-writing/brainstorming boards.
And truth is… a few things that I was working on (on the boards) have manifested.
There’s power in it.
Write it down.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.
Read the board.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.
Erase as needed.
Rewrite as needed.
Keep it in mind.
Let it go.

This morning I’m finally beginning to recover some from my hurt leg.
I went for a short walk and I’m puttering in the bedroom, cleaning up the clothes and bottles of Alleve and various and sundry evidence of a gal who has been doing the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress, elevation) for almost a week now.
And I decided to erase my dry erase. It was time. Missions accomplished.

And I wrote:

What now? 
Plans begun but not yet begun (i.e. started but not full speed yet)
*Finish what you started
*Don’t seek the new
*Finish what you started

Organize notes re: 
1. Project One
2. Project Two

One step at a time.

Welcome to my life as a Virgo South Node, Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto.
HOWEVER, this dry erase business is me including my North Node in Pisces.
Erase. Dissolve.

A word for Miss K. who has her North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, which is the reverse of the current Nodal situation:

My question for you:
do you stand up for yourself? For what you desire? Even to yourself? Your needs?
I think, interestingly enough, the South Node in Aries will be a BENEFIT to you.
And maybe you’ll feel like you’ve gone too far, said too much, asserted yourself in some… ungraceful way BUT…

Do explore that axis in your chart. I’m trying to remember. Is it 4th/10th? 3rd/9th?
Probably changes depending on house system.
Forget even about Nodes or reverse Nodes but think about what you want from those areas of life.
It could be quite simple. Or dramatic. You won’t know until you take a look.
And get yourself a dry erase or a journal and write it down. 
Because there is something I know you want to say or think but are afraid to say or think and isn’t it time?
You don’t have to be afraid of how you feel or what you want. 

Even if nothing changes. 

Love, MP

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