North Node In Libra Will Help The South Node In Aries People (Part Two)

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So, Madame X (not her real name) has her natal SOUTH NODE in Libra, the sign of the perfectionist!

Note: Liz Greene writes that we all think Miss Perfect is Virgo but no! Libra with her obsession for matchy matchy symmetry/beauty/harmony/FITTING IN is the true perfectionist of the zodiac. (Do you agree? Something to think about!)

In either case, Madame X has her South Node in Libra. And we are taught we must leave behind the habits, patterns, routines of the South Node. I believe we ALSO must master the qualities there. We can’t just abandon ship. Thus the North Node in Libra, by transit, holds great lessons for Madame X and perhaps for you as well.

The question becomes: how to do Libra WELL? How to do Libra better? Not to be FAKE. That’s one criticism we see leveled at Libra all the damn time — that they are fake. They live on the surface. Concerned with appearances and not with substance. Concerned with making nice but not sincere. Not willing to go deep (like Scorpio, for example). Passive. Passive-aggressive. Passive VERY aggressive but getting others to do the heavy lifting. In love with the idea of love but scattering at the first sign of blood, guts, glory.

Okay, I’m painting a pretty bleak picture of the low side of Libra. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Libra clients. They have moved me to tears (which I love, as a Cancer Sun) due to their sweetness and, yes, their integrity and sincerity. The depth of their pain is no joke. Are they trapped? I think so. But we all are, in our own way. Libra, from what I’ve seen, PREFERS to be indirect. Won’t make waves. But then suffers for it. Suffers terribly. They remind me of Pisces in this way, agonizing suffering. Waiting waiting waiting waiting by the window waiting waiting waiting. Will he call? Will he pick me? La-la-la-love-love-love-la-la-la.

You know what? No matter how many times you tell your Libra (or packed 7th House person) to take charge (of their life!) in the way you wish they would (like an Aries, right?) well, they just can’t. THEY CAN’T. UNLESS THEY AGREE TO CHANGE THEIR NATURE. Or, at the very least, role play. (Is it possible to change your nature? Another interesting question…)

But now here comes the chance for Madame X to up the ante and become expert at Libra instead of victim of Libra and I think we all feel like a victim of our South Node karma every so often (or even all the time — for some of us).

Another bonus: she can begin to appreciate in a new way everything Libra has brought to her life. Ease in the world? Beauty? Feeling satisfied? Friendship? A social life? Artistic gift? The ability to find partners, to not have to go it alone in the world. The ability to see the other side…  as she watches everyone around her fall on their face when they overdo Aries  and then wise up when they do brave beautiful Libra. She already know what to do for this transit!


My favorite keyword for Libra or Venus is grace and not just because it has a spiritual connotation but because grace can be something we “see,” yes, but is so much more.  We see… the outline of it, the aura, around a person, but it comes from within. In Yiddish, the word is “chein.”

And I think this is one thing Madame X will discover during her “reverse nodal return.” That she can be… independently dependent. That she can CHOOSE who she relies on. Get it? Not just be Libra from knee-jerk reaction or ideas of how women should behave but… make choices. Libra South Node is going to be beautiful but an empowered Libra South Node makes choices about that beauty rather than just following what the culture thinks.

See, the South Node is not about making choices. It’s about instinct, about gut reaction, where we run to when we feel afraid. The transiting Node in Libra will lend support to South Node in Libra people! Make sense?

NOW is her time to shine! People will be coming to Madame X for advice! For example! For guidance, for luck! And she’ll say: eh, I’ve always been this way. I have no magic. 

But in truth, she does, and she is a teacher. She will be a teacher of grace for the duration of this transit — on HOW to do Libra just right, even as she learns by doing.


It’s a tricky one, I know. And there are so many ways to look at it. But I hope this has been helpful.

Love, MP


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