North Node In Libra (By Transit)

Working with the NODAL AXIS, your own or by transit, is not easy, in either direction.

With the South Node we can fall into a pit of self-destructive, self-defeating goop. Crisis.

And the North Node yellow-brick-road-rainbows-and-unicorns can feel impossibly far away.

Like when we have digestive troubles (says my Cancer Sun) we can’t ignore either end 😉 especially when both ends are painful. We can’t go home again but the next town over is over the hill and across the sea and if we had wings we’d fly there but but but but but but..

When the transiting Node enters Libra (in late February 2014) cooperation may feel sorely missing and most needed. You may desperately desire to revert to your old warrior (ARIES) lone wolf ways but it’s the wrong way to go, no matter how comfy cozy don’t-need-ANYONE it feels.

I’m writing this blog post as a caution to you but also to remind you. That there is a reason why it feels so hard. Because it IS hard.

Dig out that natal chart of yours, from your mind, your desk, your computer. Sit down with your coffee and your crumpet 🙂 and have a good look. An  HONEST look. Deep inside for these last hours of SCORPIO SEASON (Sun enters Sagittarius today) because it is THERE, along that axis, where your attention will keep returning.

My chart? The 2nd/8th House axis. The axis of who has what and who gives what and issues of taking, receiving, giving, what you own, what you OWE, sharing, repaying, jealousy, possessiveness, MINE MINE MINE, every single thing you ever learned or did not learn about money, money-energy, resources, DEATH, rebirth, turning straw into gold and vice versa, sex, and SELF-ESTEEM.

We’ll all get the chance to do it right, mop up all kinds of messes. And important to research not just the scary keywords of the houses involved in this transit for you but the hopeful ones, the good ones.

Love, MP

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