North Node In Aries Wonders How Transiting North Node In Libra Will Affect Her

Woman on my Facebook Timeline complimented me today on my morning blog post.

This made me feel soooo good because I was struggling to get my words out this morning. And to condense a crazy week ahead. And then I realized I’ll just have to blog a little every day because it’s SO MUCH.

This blog post is for one of my subscribers. Part One. 

She has her natal North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra! Tricky, right?

Because the (transiting) Node is now in Libra. Thus it’s a reverse for her. What to do? Has her life become a reversed Tarot Card? Which way is up? Which way is down?

She thought she was supposed to move away from overly-Libra behaviors (smiling through gritted teeth, passivity…) and embrace passionate independent Aries.

Aries, ruled by Mars, doesn’t placate. It just DOES.

Aries = action whereas Libra = I’ll draw to me what I need and want. No judgement here about either. We need both!

Libra people goddamn I love the Libra people but they always want to INVOLVE me in all their decisions! That is Libra. That is Venus.  It’s OUR problem. Not your problem, not my problem but OUR problem. The peacemaker. Let’s fix it together! Meanwhile, Aries has already stormed off 😉

Frankly, I think this reversal is AWESOME. I believe she will be able to see more clearly what she needs to do to truly madly deeply LIVE that Aries North Node. BECAUSE SHE WILL SEE EVERYONE DOING THE SHIT SIDE OF ARIES. SHE WILL SEE EVERYONE DOING ARIES *WRONG* BECAUSE THE SOUTH NODE SUCKS US UNDER. She will learn by example. Reverse example, yes.

Yes she will see tidal waves of thoughtlessness and selfishness and rash action.

But if she is smart (and I know she is) she will pay attention to all that… and check it off her list. What NOT to do and instead be the best of Aries: initiating. Assertive. Confident. A leader. WARM. REAL. Not asking permission because she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t need your fucking permission, pal! FEARLESS. Yes, a touch of fearlessness :- ) COURAGE. PASSION. PURSUIT. Going after what she wants.

But with added grace.

Does this make sense?

To be continued…

Love, MP

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