NO SHAME For Virgins (Mars In Virgo)

Young women have been commenting on my blog lately, self-admitted virgins (in their 20s and 30s I think) and I just wanted to address this — that there is NO SHAME in feeling shame. Think about that for a minute.

And NO SHAME in being a virgin.

And NO SHAME in waiting.

AND NO SHAME in not waiting.

And NO SHAME in not being certain how you fit into… sexuality as whole. And NO SHAME in exploring. NO SHAME IN NOT KNOWING.

And NO SHAME in NOT having what you want yet.

And NO SHAME in feeling fat, ugly, and rejected. I’ve worked with… so many women. All backgrounds, ages, sexualities… I can’t think of ONE that hasn’t struggled with this to some degree. We are sisters.

And the other day I was doing a reading for someone and just as we were about to hang up, the topic of shame came up and… well, we just didn’t have time but I felt my heart drop because it’s so important.

See, to my mind. I’m a young woman too. I often forget that I’m a 40-something with years of experience under my skirt 😉 Am I a mentor? I don’t even know. Maybe I’m a friend.

There is no RIGHT WAY to do this, to find your place here. There is just… your way. And it’s FINE to take all the time you need to figure it out.

There is NO SHAME in waiting for the “right” guy or girl. NO SHAME in letting your body and soul decide and rejecting the culture which does not speak to you. And YOU decide whether you want to talk about it or not. It’s nobody’s business but yours.

Does this make sense?

Here’s your homework, Virgins, Virgos, and everyone else:

Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde tomorrow. The Sun enters Scorpio the day after. Later in the week, the Moon enters Cancer and trines Scorpio and Pisces. And the Sun trines Neptune on Friday. This is WATER. This is FEELING. Scorpio Season is a PLUNGE. Not a plunge into feeling bad about yourself (that would be lower vibration) or comparing yourself to anyone else’s life (kinda Taurus when you think about it) but a full-on cannonball into…

Let me ask the Tarot because I am having trouble finding the perfect word. Full-on cannonball into:

Well hello TEMPERANCE! Which is a hilarious card because Scorpio is far from Temperance but that’s exactly the point. This is a card of blending and cooperation (within and without) and YOU’RE GONNA NEED IT 😉 NO LONE WOLF-ISM! WORK TOGETHER.

And maybe you feel like nobody understands you and maybe NOBODY does YET. But please don’t give up. Temperance is associated with Sagittarius and have you ever known a Sag to give up? Known a Sag to stop hunting? The Archer without an arrow? Say it isn’t so!

Because you know what? A lot of this (what the virgins are concerned with, and the rest of us too) is about PERSPECTIVE. What we tell ourselves about our lives. And another word for the Temperance card is UNION, and I then pulled the PAGE OF CUPS, the card my teacher used to call “New Emotional Attitudes.”

So please, PLEASE, for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio:

REWRITE THIS STORY. REWRITE **some** of this (your) story. And be playful with yourself, be open.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Love, MP


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